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Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing

 fly fishing only 

Total Catch and Release on all migratory fish

Blackwater River

The fishings are let mainly to parties staying in the lodge on either a catered or self catering basis.

The let commences on a given Saturday afternoon until the following Saturday morning, however, Sunday to Sunday may be available by prior arrangement. No fishing is permitted on Sunday during the letting period.

The Blackwater River is a peat fed system which retains its water for a considerable time after rain. The fishing varies from streamy water to relatively still deep areas which fish in all heights of water. Salmon and Grilse normally enter the system towards the end of June and fishing continues until mid October.

Provided their is wind, which is frequent in the Hebrides, the river can be fished at any height. 

The fishing's are let for sea trout, brown trout and salmon from the Spring and fishing by the day is available when the lodge is not occupied.

Barvas river and loch Barvas

All of the fishing on the Barvas River and Loch Mor Barvas is managed by The Estate and day permits are available allowing anglers to fly fish at a modest cost for salmon, grilse, sea trout and brown trout throughout this prolific system in which grilse predominate from July onwards.

In the earlier months of the season fishing is generally confined to the loch where two angling boats are available at an additional charge on a first come first served basis but the loch is generally shallow and can be fished successfully from certain points on the shore. Later in the season fish move up into the Barvas River and, given sufficient water, good sport can be enjoyed there.

Fishing equipment

All fishing is by fly only and single-handed 10ft rods are adequate to cover the river. A floating line is used in most conditions but a short sinking tip can be effective in high water. No wading is necessary although waders help to cross the river in high water.

Provided their is wind, which is frequent in the Hebrides, the river can be fished at any height. The best flies are: stoats tail, silver stoat, various muddlers, park shrimp, camasunary killer .Small tube flies and cone-heads are used in high water during the Spring and Autumn.Trebble hooks bigger than 14 not permitted.



Please note Garynahine and Barvas are operating a 100% catch and release policy for all migratory fish (Salmon & Sea Trout) to protect the wild fish stock.Fly Fishing Only - No spinning or bait fishing permitted.


Press release


Angling permits and details of boat hire are available from: Angus Macleod ,Mob: 07876 470 367


For day ticket availability contact Donnie Whiteford ,
Mob: 07920 096 983


Trout and Salmon Magazine May 2020

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