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The estates 


We offer Fieldsport on more than 40000 acres on both estates  ,mainly on open moorland but as well in our conifer plantations . This unique mixture of lanscape provide you exclusive opprtunity to bag the iconic species from outer hebrides including Grouse, Woodcock, Snipe, Ducks, Geese, Red Deer .Only entire wild species.

Driven Woodcock 


Garynahine provides some of the most prolific driven woodcock shooting in Scotland.Migrating woodcock arrive in large numbers from scandinavia in late autumn and winter .The majority are shot in the two large blocks of woodland during 2  consecutive days and a full team of beaters with experienced dogs are on duty each day .These shoots are renowned to consistently producing good numbers of birds. This is a unique opportunity to experience what we consider to be the most challenging driven shooting available ,with the ultimate accolade of the elusive Right and left at Woodcock a real possibility.



Happy Sportsmans



On both Garynahine and Barvas estate wildfowling could provide memorable evenings and mornings on ponds with  ducks ( mallard, wigeon, teal ) and geese.

flighting from 1st of September to end January 

Grouse and woodcock shooting over pointers


With no reared birds , the shooting is entirely wild .In partnership with our sister estate in sutherland and her english pointers kennel (morness kennel) we run shooting over pointers looking for grouse,snipe and woodcock depending the season.Our first class pointers bloodline will provide you memorable moment on the moor with some stunning pictures .Be able to follow such dogs chasing these fantastic sport birds is a peak in the agenda of a true sports man.We run the day on the most traditionnal manner , only 2 guns at the time to go on point and not going twice at the same birds. We manage our ground for the next generation and our policuy nclude a bag limit depending the stock count and we do not go twice on the same beat

from end august to end january .



Stalking is possible on Garynahine either on open moorland  and in both south and north  wood . On Barvas open moorland offer challenging stalking .All the stalking is carried out with the estate management policy in mind which relates to the preservation and improvment of the Islands Deer population .

From July to 20th october 

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