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TRESSADY ESTATE ,our sister sporting-estate in sutherland 

Tressady estate 


Tressady estate , extending to some 22000 acres ,can provide some of the best fieldsport from the highlands or just amazing accommodation in stunning lodges for a break

Driven Partridges shooting


Shooting high partridges over the moors is something very exciting and unique. The estate can offer high driven birds in a beautiful setting 

from November to end of January

Tressady Lodge


Tressady Lodge is close to Sutherland's east coast with an elevated south facing position and fine views across Strath Fleet. The lodge is fully furnished for parties up to 16 guests. They can enjoy the warm atmosphere of a Sporting highland Lodge beautifully furnished with open log fires.

Driven pheasants shooting


Tressady estate can provide some very challenging pheasant drives .Run at a high standard ,our shoot can offer some of the highest  birds in north of Scotland on several drives 

from November to end of January 

Red Stag Stalking


With a healthy red deer population on the estate ,we can provide traditionnal red stag or red hind stalking .The ground is relative easy walking and stalking is run  under the supervision of our experienced team of stalkers. 

Stags : from mid September to 20th October 

Morness kennels, top english pointers 


Richard piloted  pointer bitch  Minerva to win the UK Champion Stake in August 2014. A year later, Minerva won the Irish Championship for pointers and setters - an unbelievable feat. No one in the history of the sport had ever achieved such honours. In essence, the foundation was relaid for a fresh kennel of working pointers in the far north of Scotland. 


The shooting gazette 02/2016

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